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If you represent a company, organization, club or racehorse that is interested in advertising on Low Elo or if your organization are interested in sponsoring Low Elo, please go here.

Low Elo advertises on the website via banner ads sourced by an outside advertising agency. This makes up the majority of our revenue for upkeep on the site, purchasing bandwidth and hosting for the podcast and purchasing cool new stuff for the store and to send to our subscribers. As such, we request that you disable any ad-block software on your browser - we will never intentionally serve up an ad that disrupts your experience at Low Elo.

Advertisments in our sidebar are clearly marked and while we structure our page to make sure that ads are visible we do not intend to mislead you in any way and we do not "gate" content with advertising. Companies with which Low Elo has a direct relationship will be clearly marked and disclosed to avoid confusion.

Also, the contents of our ads are not directly controlled by Low Elo and ads will vary based on factors such as your browsing history and location. That information is not gained by visiting Low Elo and Low Elo will never sell your personal information or browsing habits to a third party.


Your privacy is important to us. We consider ourselves to be highly credible and trustworthy and would never sell the information you provide us. Done.