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Low Elo Podcast EP. 132 - Nefarious Spaghetti

On this Episode of Low Elo: the League of Legends podcast, we welcome Nefarious Giraffe to the cast as we go over Riot's changes for Season 5, why no one will ever buy wards again and mourn the death of the Rune Combiner.

This week we want to know what crazy, real-life applications you can find for a Zz'rot Portal! You can send your suggestions and other email to team@lowelo.com.

You can follow the hosts on twitter: @LowEloDave, @Belsaas, and @LoLNefarious.

This week's soundtrack is Siesta by Jahazzar.

Download Low Elo Episode 132


Low Elo Podcast EP. 131 - Cold As Ice

On this episode of Low Elo: the League of Legends podcast, Smite gets Cold, Fantasy LCS returns, and we talk Teamfights but not before we thank Riot for our shiney new toys!

This week we encourage you to break the meta in the jungle, experiment with Stalker's Blade and share your match history. We want to see what crazy junglers find success and those that just can't cut it but make sure your team is on board first! Send your match histories and other emails to team@lowelo.com.

You can follow the hosts on twitter: @LowEloDave, @Belsaas and @LoLStretch.

This week's soundtrack is Flowers Tell by One In A Googleplex.

Download Low Elo Episode 131


Low Elo Podcast EP. 130 - Top To Bottom

In the last episode of Low Elo for 2014 we go over our top and bottom moments in 2014 for the League of Legends, make some predictions and set in stone our requests for the New Year.

To join in, feel free to tell us your League of Legends New Years resolution and the best we'll read on the air making you accountable to our hundreds of thousands of listeners world wide. Want that kind of pressure? Have other things to tell us about like support reports or around the world updates? Email us at team@lowelo.com.

This week's soundtrack is Skunk Island by Vitamin Pets.

Download Low Elo Episode 130


Low Elo Podcast EP. 129 - Get Reked

We're back from winter break with a new episode where we continue our conversation on the changing state of the game, new champions and who we want to play us in the upcoming Low Elo feature film.

Our game this week sees Santa joining the league and it's up to you to tell us what his ultimate does. Send answers, email and seasonally appropriate greetings to team@lowelo.com.

This week's soundtrack is Have Yourself a Merry Funky Christmas by DKSTR.

Download Low Elo Episode 129