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Low Elo EP. 135 - Skullpiercer EP 1. - The Apex Legends Podcast

Hey there listeners! Confused? Don't be. A new episode of Low Elo? Not exactly... but we want to invite you to listen to our new Apex Legends podcast. This is the first episode and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

On episode 1 of Skullpiercer, the Apex Legends podcast, Jeff, Platt and Stretch talk about Twitch Rivals EU, speeeeeeed and why Respawn can’t just make all these changes we’re asking for.

This week’s game asks if you could combine any two items or weapons, what would they be? Send your answers and questions for the next episode to and we’ll read the best on the air.

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Thanks for listening!

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 130 - Top To Bottom

In the last episode of Low Elo for 2014 we go over our top and bottom moments in 2014 for the League of Legends, make some predictions and set in stone our requests for the New Year.

To join in, feel free to tell us your League of Legends New Years resolution and the best we'll read on the air making you accountable to our hundreds of thousands of listeners world wide. Want that kind of pressure? Have other things to tell us about like support reports or around the world updates? Email us at

This week's soundtrack is Skunk Island by Vitamin Pets.

Download Low Elo Episode 130


Low Elo Podcast EP. 129 - Get Reked

We're back from winter break with a new episode where we continue our conversation on the changing state of the game, new champions and who we want to play us in the upcoming Low Elo feature film.

Our game this week sees Santa joining the league and it's up to you to tell us what his ultimate does. Send answers, email and seasonally appropriate greetings to

This week's soundtrack is Have Yourself a Merry Funky Christmas by DKSTR.

Download Low Elo Episode 129


Low Elo Podcast EP. 114 - Unnecessary Champions

Hello Low Elo fans! This week on the only League of Legends podcast Dave speaks in tongues, Jeff forgets the name of Sunfire Cape and Erik fails to rap! We also talk about the massive changes in the recent patch (which has since been patched... CALLED IT!).

We've also named July Low Elo Poetry Month and invite you to send in your emails, make your comments and leave your iTunes reviews as poems! We're even running a month long peotry jam contest so send in your best/funniest/most clever Low Elo Slam Poetry to!

This week the game is to choose an existing champion skin and come up with the one emote that skin needs to make it the best skin ever EVAR. You can send your answer and all other email (hopefully in poetry form) to

Don't forget to follow the team on twitter. You can find them all here.

Note: due to a hard drive failure, the embedded version of the show and show artwork are not yet available. You can still download with the link below or via iTunes. This post will be updated with the embedded player you're used to at a later date. Sorry for the dust!

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