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Low Elo Podcast EP. 122 - Import Talent

Jeff, Dave and Eric go on air from the Low Elo League of Legends podcast studio on the moon to talk about the rule change regarding residence requirements for the EU and NA LCS, CLG's narrow win over Curse Academy, TSM's chances at Worlds and what the lore retcon means for the future of League of Legends.

Our game this week asks you to submit ideas for the next League of Legends game (not game mode). Send that idea, your comments, questions and awkward love letters to

You can follow the hosts on Twitter as @EatGamer, @LowEloDave and @belsaas.

This week's soundtrack is Enthalpy by Rolemusic.

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 121 - Yo Adrian!

There's so much going on right now we couldn't possibly cover it all. So we won't! This week, we cover a touch of eSports, the recent dominance of Alistar and give a lesson in doing something stupid.

We continue our game from last week - if you shared a hotel room with your favorite champion, how would it go horribly, horribly wrong? Send answers along with other emails, questions, support reports, around the world updates and love letters to

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This week's soundtrack is "Schooner" by Sun Sunych.

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 120 - Self-esteem

Aphromoo is our secret crush. There. We said it. Are you happy, world!? Also, called it on Gnar and some words about self-esteem.

We've announce the winners of our weekly game and in preparation for PAX Prime, our new game places you in the precarious situation of sharing a hotel room with your favorite champion. Who are they and what events lead up to the ending of your long term friendship? Send answers and all email to

This week's soundtrack is "Far from here" by Mastermind XS.

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 119 - Marco Polo

In the land of League of Legends, Low Elo stands alone to bring you the end of season eSports updates, reflections on regionals and inevitable doom and gloom. We also talk about Gnar and Gankenstein wants to give away his skins which is totally fine because we let him win. Don't tell him.

This week, Michael Bay is in charge of the next champion rework and he's looking at your favorite champion! How will his creative genius manifest to make this champion the most explosive hit ever to top the ban list? Send your answers to and the three best will receive mystery gift skins (or equivilant) when we announce our favorites on the next episode!

Also, if you're looking for a way to support the show, you could always donate - that would be pretty cool.

As always, follow the hosts WRITE HEAR.

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