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Low Elo Podcast Ep. 2 - Love to Hate

Lee Sin, Nasus, Singed - These are some of League of Legends' most OP superfatties and we talk about why (for at least two of them...). This is episode 2 of Low Elo covering the recent fall of A Picture of a Goose aside some hot new lunar festival skins and it was recorded using a handful of apple cores, a plastic straw and three ounces of weapons grade tinfoil.

Also, before anyone comes out and says it. Yes, we know it was Dyrus to credit for the Singed Jungle action. That was a mistake we realized afterwards. We apologize, Dyrus! WE WUB JOO TOO!

Blame Game:

 Stay classy, players.

Download Low Elo Episode 2


Low Elo Podcast Ep. 1 - This Was Awesome

Baby names, republicans and atmogs OH MY!

Behold, we have recorded episode 1 of the Low Elo League of Legends podcast! Bask in its glory as we talk about the state of the professional circuit, Skarner's enormous OPness and the disturbing trend that is Atmogs.

Stay a while and listen.

Download Low Elo Episode 1

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