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The 100 Game Challenge - Part I

So this question came up a few times since we did Episode 32, "The 100 Game Challenge." I thought 1) I'd offer in writing some of the details of the 100 game challenge for future reference, and 2) I'd talk about how you might tailor it for other roles (jungle and support mainly). This is the first of a three part series discussing just that. 

For all 100 game challenges -Choose a champion you want to learn, or that you want to learn better (this is a big commitment guys- playing 100 games with someone can be a chore- I'm on game 30 with Sona and I am avoiding playing her right now)

The spirit of the 100 game challenge is to force summoners to see that its ALWAYS their fault they lost. You are the only common factor in every one of your losses. If you spend all your time pontificating on builds/champion balance/matchups, you will become deadlocked and never improve. By breaking down what will make you better from the fundamentals onward, the 100 game challenge will not only make you better at a specific champion, but it will make you better at the game on the whole. 

Part 1 - Top, Mid, AD Carry

Game 1-25: Last Hitting: For these laners, last hitting is super important. You need to be able to last hit minions and keep the gold flowing. Learn to last hit in any situation- under tower, not under tower, with abilities, without abilities, early game, mid game, late game while listening to different types of music. The point here is that if you unburden yourself from the pressure to win, or "go positive" or any of that other crap, you can be free to focus and improve on the fundamentals.

Game 26-50: Item Build: MobaFire and Solomid are great places to start, but you need to come up with an item build that is best for you.  You might be a big Dyrus fan, I mean, who isn't, but don't follow his guide blindly. There are items he will buy for very specific reasons and in certain situations. Games 26-50 are for you to learn this for yourself. The most important thing to do is experiment. Try different items. You may be surprised that a certain item is great to get at a certain time in the game according to your playstyle, even if it's an Ionic Spark. 

Game 51-75: Team Fighting: Focus on your role in teamfights. Teamfighting is the #1 most important thing in League of Legends, so by now Last Hitting and your Item Build should be second nature. Focus on initiating, positioning, and target acquisition. Team Fighting is the most important thing in the game, but it's impossible to 'tell' you all the things you will or should learn. There is no 'this is how you teamfight' article. It would have to be a 40 volume Encyclopedia. The only bit of advice is to forget what you think you know. The more you can do this, the more you can learn. 

Game 75-100: Refining: After 75 games, you're probably really good with that champion. Or at least you're much much better than you were before. This is where you work on the high concepts. Lane matchups vs. specific champions or specific duos. Team composition. Theory. Philosophy. The nature of the universe. Too many summoners start out this way...arguing over who is good vs. bad against who in what lane. Don't be that summoner with 200 wins declaring edicts about what you think you know. 

It's always better to have a plan, and it can be very theraputic to focus on one thing at a time. By doing this, you could learn more things about the game than how to play a specific champion. The secret behind the 100 game challenge is exactly that- keep an open mind and try to be objective and you will learn. 

So, how do we tailor this for Support and Jungle roles on Summoner's Rift? Stay Tuned for Part 2.



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    The 100 Game Challenge - Part I - Low Elo League of Legends Extra (Blog and Music) - The Only League of Legends Podcast
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    The 100 Game Challenge - Part I - Low Elo League of Legends Extra (Blog and Music) - The Only League of Legends Podcast
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    Response: Dot Arena
    The 100 Game Challenge - Part I - Low Elo League of Legends Extra (Blog and Music) - The Only League of Legends Podcast
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    The 100 Game Challenge - Part I - Low Elo League of Legends Extra (Blog and Music) - The Only League of Legends Podcast
  • Response
    The 100 Game Challenge - Part I - Low Elo League of Legends Extra (Blog and Music) - The Only League of Legends Podcast
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Reader Comments (7)

This doesn't really apply to everybody cause there are people like me that have been playing this game for a very long time and every time I play a new champion I've never played before I usually almost all the time do good with them because I am cautious and know where I should and shouldn't be.

October 3, 2012 | Registered CommenterNexusparties

So is this something I'd want to be in a regular team for, since I'd be experimenting and practising and so on? Or just jump into solo queue (normal) with the idea that if I can do well there then with a regular team I'd be super bawse?

October 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHyetal

Nexus i'm sure your a great player but so are these guys, and you still see them doing it (1.5k wins in too i believe they mentioned).

There are general game mechanics like map awareness, warding, zoning, last hitting, and where you are in a team fight that will help your general game play overall, and i believe this is what you are talking about and your already great at. But what they are suggesting is for becoming an expert with a certain champ, and learning those general game mechanics just comes with it.

I would still like to do it, and would love to see part 2 because support Leona is where it's at!

October 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrok3nGun

cant wait for part 2 any updates on this?

October 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterawsomepenguin

Where is part 2??

December 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarry me nidalee

Hey there!
I've been trying to learn how to play mid and I will take this challenge with heart :) The idea of focusing on the basics instead of worrying about victory seems to be a good way to go.

For supports I would suggest training on
- ward placement and timing,
- poking in early lane phase,
- watching the mini maps and
- time tags (like warning the team one min. before the dragon is up again).
Also some thoughts on how not-to-be a passive support would help a lot. I play support quite often and these are the basic topics I still struggle with.

Thank you for the challenge once again!

February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPintas

In reference to Pintas' post, I think that almost all of the standard parts of the challenge work for supports and Junglers except for last hitting. That is where things like warding, zoning, timers, and route variation (for Junglers) is what you do instead. Everybody teamfights, everybody buys items, and everybody has to figure out how to play against different threats. Anyway, my two cents on an ancient thread.

June 28, 2013 | Registered CommenterSamuel Newkirk

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