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Low Elo Podcast EP. 86 - A is for Awesome

This week, we congratulate Riot on their rediscovered sense of humor, gush over the  recently introduced Team Fight spectator mode, Dave laments the Garen visual update and Jeff laments Dave. This episode was recorded live on our stream at so let us know if you'd like us to do this again in the future.

This week game places you as the first mate of a pirate ship where you'll tell us who your captain is and the name of the ship you're on. You can send game submissions, pictures and thoughts to

You can reach the hosts of this episode on twitter at @EatGamer@LowEloDave and @ctfelts.

Don't forget to welcome Audible as our sponsor, either. Help yourself and help us out by picking up your free audio book at

This week's musical track is The Pirate And The Dancer by Rolemusic.

Download Low Elo Episode 86

Reader Comments (2)

Lol @ creepy voice guy. The_Koltrane on Convert To Raid podcast is legit a movie trailer voice guy. Should check it out

September 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJimmyjames

Love your take on Hey man Episode!
We need allot of more Empathy in the world and in LoL
here is my take on Empathy:

Also The Pirate and the dancer song has gone none stop for a week here!

Love your show!

September 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Sillion

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