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Low Elo Podcast EP. 113 - SlamBall

Welcome back to Low Elo. Posted a day late but never a dollar short, this week we cover... SlamBall? No, wait a second. We talk about the new summoner's rift, our evolving Fantasy LCS strategies and the upsetting pro scene (you know... because of upset games...).

The game this week asks where you would put a trampoline in the new summoner's rift to make it more EXTREME and as always you can send your answers along with other email to

All hail the mighty Blue Robots, follow the team on twitter

This episode's soundtrack is Lightbringer by Pentakill.

Download Low Elo Episode 113

Reader Comments (1)

I believe the 11:35, my friend and I did it in 15 min on our first try and we only had one kill combined, we both ran ghost tele and played jinx sivir. we both pushed inhib turret and all 5 came to us my friend ran into a bush while I had them all chase me back to my turret and my friend pushed the wave into turret and killed inhib, then we went back and tele'd to another lane and did it again.

June 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterProfChaos

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