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Low Elo Podcast EP. 8 - Nautilus CAN Initiate

In this episode of Low Elo we congratulate Dignitas for their victory over CLG in the Curse Invitationl, talk about the groups going to Hannover for the IEM World Championships, Compy has a few things to say about the latest champion, Nautilus, who is very, very good and Fizz is exiled to the Island of Misfit Champions to retire with all of the other hard to place members of the Institute of War to sip pina coladas while awaiting buffs.

Reader email, shoutouts for iTunes reviews and some job placement round out the format for this, our eighth episode of Low Elo: the League of Legends Podcast for the Players.

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Reader Comments (7)

Hello guys,
4+ years DOTA pltyer, less than 2 weeks LoL player. I got out of DOTA because I couldn't stand with the trolling (raging) anymore. I listened to all 8 shows in a single day (my job let's me), and you have a very good show. I didn't know LoL was free so I went out and bought me a point card. I purchased Nautilus, Caitlyn, and MagMaw. Since then, I have been able to unlock Seroka (the white hair healer), Zelian, and Warwick. I also bought Caitlyn's Cop Skin. I just found out about runes, so I've been spending my points on them. I think the game is better than DOTA. Could you please explain what AP, CS, all those acronyms mean. I have no clue what you guys are talking about when you mention them. I'm enjoying the game way more because I end up winning over 80% of my games. I basically only play support heroes, so Nautilus is perfect for me. I enjoy playing support more than anything. I don't like getting kills. Please don't knock on support players, we do exist... I have been playing support class for years. I have noticed the praises people give me when I play Zelian and I save them countless times. Hope to play with you guys someday.

February 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThatTeamHero

Thanks for listening man, and thanks for the comment! CS is an old Dota term actually, back when you had to type "-cs on" at the beginning of the game to see the creeps you killed. It stands for Creep Score. Which is funny, because in LoL they're called minions.

AP is Ability Power- magic champions. It's important to know which champions' abilities 'scale' with ap. Sometimes a champion can be played either AP or AD (Attack Damage) and may favor certain abilities depending on how they choose to build with Items, Runes, and Masteries. Champions that use both AD and AP are usually called "hybrid."

You have a lot of champions and items to learn. And kudos for you for choosing LOL over HON - which just copy/pasted the heroes from Dota and gave them different names. You've chosen the harder, more rewarding path. All those HoN players who whine that LoL is for children are secretly just lazy and too afraid to be called 'noob' while learning all the champions.

As far as support goes- we never said anything bad about support players...good support players are fantastic and are often the key to victory. What we don't like is that the current meta game almost FORCES someone to play support. In pro level games it is VERY hard to win without a dedicated support player, and we think that it should be possible to win without them.

Anything that limits choice and creativity we generally think is bad,

February 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCompy386

Compy writes novels. Seriously, he does!

February 23, 2012 | Registered CommenterJeff Wycoff (@EatGamer)

Hey guyz - love the 'cast, but I have a problem... I am BRAND NEW to LOL - like, yesterday. Yur cast is great for people who know what they doing, but how can a guy like me get started and not bea TOTAL noob? I lose all the time and I want to love this game but losing sucks ass...


February 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKarson

Gotta walk before you can run, buddy. My best advice starting out is to experiment with the free champs, find one you really enjoy and BUY IT. Then, learn that champion. Make sure you are having fun and practice practice practice!

After that, find the time to explore other champions and learn how they play. Having other players around to help you that will give you the bad news but without raging on you is invaluable.

Oh, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Stay classy.

February 28, 2012 | Registered CommenterJeff Wycoff (@EatGamer)

Listened it today and i don't know. You talked about Nautilus being a strong Controller. I've surely seen about 20 Nautiluses yet and i don't even remind any of them. I think Nautilus is a good Controller, but he needs to cooperate with his team to be useful. Do you think the same way i do? Nautilus isn't a solo champ, he is a team-reliant champion.
Another question: If i heard right, you said in one of you Podcasts, that Olaf isn't a that good jungler. I myself, see him as a very fast Jungler by spamming and picking up his Axe and he also is awesome for ganking, the Axe only is a bit difficult to hit. I always rule with him as Jungler, and i'm playing in 1'600 Elo Solo/DuoQueue.
A question to Jeff as a pro jungler: How do you handle a shaco that always does invade your jungle and got 2 kills from your team? That happened to me many times already, and i can't stop Shaco after getting some feed because he kills me. Should i ward the whole Jungle instead for some gold? I can't really figure out something smart.
Sorry for my bad english, im German.

March 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCryout

Shaco is a menace but the good thing is he scales poorly into the late game and can deprive his AP and AD carry kills that they would better put to use.

Have your team guard the jungle entrances before minions spawn to prevent an invade or invade with your team. Shaco can start anywhere but is VERY easy to disrupt. All you have to do is show up and trigger his traps and his jungle is slowed significantly.

Warding will be important and depending on how aggressively you counter jungle can be done before minions spawn or at around level 4-5. Important ward placement should cover entrance to blue and the ramp to wraiths at minimum.

Tell your team you may ping for assistance with Shaco if he invades. If they do not respond, simply avoid the bushes you know he's hiding in (because of your wards) and let him waste time. Simple counter jungle rules apply - if he's in your jungle, his jungle is fair game.

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