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Low Elo Podcast EP. 6 - Break the Meta

Curse defeated RFLX in the most recent round of the IGN Pro League, Riot drops hints regarding the next anchor wielding, jungle loving champion that is unlikely to be a yordle and Morello challenges the world to break the AP mid meta-game.

If that's not enough, love is in the air and that means random hookups between some of your favorite champions in our game of pro-creation.

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On the "meta changing" note, I played an unranked teamed with a solo top Janna. As I jungled my favorite new character, Jax (not to be confused with awful jax or op jax which have both been removed from the game). I'm not sure where she got her openis but she was winning her lane, getting kills on nasus, and surviving gank after gank. Due to support going top we had AD and AP carry bot. Short story, long, our mid died once and /ragequit and I had to mid/roam with Jax. 20 minute surrender from them, with us on the bad side of a 4v5. Bot was having a pretty standard game but Janna was 6/0/2 and Jungle Jax was 7/1/3. The thought here is... maybe build a support character as an aggressive AP top (i.e. Soraka or Janna). Then build a tanky off-support bot, preferably with CC (i.e. support Nunu or aura Leona) with your AD carry. Then just make sure your jungle keeps close tabs on top. May be a terrible plan, but it feels like there's something viable there... somewhere.

February 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterjustGravy
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