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Low Elo Podcast EP. 133 - Season Five

On this episode of Low Elo we talk 5.2, prime you for the League of Legends Championship Series 5 and share some stories around ranked placement.

Our game this week is all about love. Got a champion crush (Jeff's is Lux so back off)? Who are they and what will you get them for Valentine's Day?

As always send your answers and other email to

THis week's soundtrack is Enthusiast by Tours.

Download Low Elo Episode 133


Low Elo Podcast EP. 7 - A Different Vayne

In this latest and greatest episode of Low Elo: the League of Legends podcast for the people, we talk about the recent arrival of Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert, on the pro scene, the nerfs to Soraka and Sona, a shiney new Shen and some speculation on Viktor. We also continue our quest to break the meta with Leona mid.

Oh, and there's a new champion named Nautilus. We talk about him too.

Stay a while and listen!

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 6 - Break the Meta

Curse defeated RFLX in the most recent round of the IGN Pro League, Riot drops hints regarding the next anchor wielding, jungle loving champion that is unlikely to be a yordle and Morello challenges the world to break the AP mid meta-game.

If that's not enough, love is in the air and that means random hookups between some of your favorite champions in our game of pro-creation.

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