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Low Elo Podcast EP. 21 - Kissing Your Sister

This week on Low Elo: the League of Legends Podcast for the Players we talk about some streaming drama, changes to free week champs in ranked games and how right we are about everything in the world ever. We even talk about Varus, the slow walking sneaky guy with a bow and a silly dance and some background on your hosts in game names.

A quick correction: I said in this episode that Navi ran an all mid strat. I was out of my mind. It was Orb.

As always, email us with your suggestions, shout outs and submissions for our weekly game to be read on air. You can send them to or

IPL5 Regional Qualifier Signup

IceDarkKnight's Commentating Stream

TeemoTactics and IceDarkKnight commentate Jeff while goes on a Xin Zhao fueled yordle killing spree.

Changes to Free Champions in Ranked Games

RoG Invitational VoDs

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 15 - Dark Horse Rising

The League of Legends eSports landscape is changing. Coaches, meal plans and events at Vegas, oh my! In this episode we go over the competitors for the upcoming IPL4, a dark horse Monomaniac eSports, speculation on the next champion, Hecarim, and some tips on how to push the lanes for success, love and profit. We also, very proudly, read your answers submissions for last week's game.

As will not be the norm, we invite you to send us your answers for this week's game which challenges you to come up with a champion duo fit for reality TV show The Amazing Race. Oh, and don't forget to check out the music section for info on all of our music tracks from every episode.

Email Jeff, Dave or Christian, leave a comment on the site or check out our twitter feeds @EatGamer and @lowelodave with your comments, ideas or answers to our weekly game.

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 7 - A Different Vayne

In this latest and greatest episode of Low Elo: the League of Legends podcast for the people, we talk about the recent arrival of Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert, on the pro scene, the nerfs to Soraka and Sona, a shiney new Shen and some speculation on Viktor. We also continue our quest to break the meta with Leona mid.

Oh, and there's a new champion named Nautilus. We talk about him too.

Stay a while and listen!

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