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Low Elo Podcast EP. 100 - The New 100 Game Challenge

This week on Low Elo: the Only League of Legends podcast, we talk about Kassadin, barrels and spears and the introduction of the new 100 game challenge!

This week the game asks, with the new Hexakill game mode in testing, who is the 6th member of Pentakill and what will they play? Send your email, around the world updates and league of legends fan art to

We encourage you to follow the hosts on twitter at @EatGamer, @LowEloDave and @belsaas.

We also want you to check out this episode's sponsor at and download your free audio book. We get carried away talking about Audible at the end of the episode. This happens because we all use it and we all love it.

This episode's soundtrack is Late Night Girl by Steve Anderson.

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 99 - Go Home, eSports! You're drunk.

Go home, eSports! You're drunk. This week on episode 99 of Low Elo, Jeff, Dave and Erik explore the seedy underbelly of eSports. Ok, well, maybe we just skim over some of the more recent questionable activity. Then we go on and talk about things that are more fun!

As always send your email and around the world updates to

Please follow the hosts on twitter at @EatGamer, @LowEloDave and @belsaas.

This episode's soundtrack is Live to Regret by Steve Anderson and does contain some strong language and themes (though nothing stronger than is present in mainstream pop...). It's a fantastic track but we recommend skipping the music at the end of the episode if you or those listening are easily offended.

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 97 - Best eSports NA

So eSports happened these last couple of weeks. It's nice to get back into the groove and if this is any indiciation of what's to come... well, listen to the episode.

More complete episode notes and banner to come. Also, look forward to our first episode of the new year as we have a returning guest in the next episode!

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Low Elo Podcast EP. 87 - A Pirate's Life


YO HO! On this here episode of Low Elo, the League of Legends podcast for the pirate we drift here and der as we look at the lesser realized lessons the World Championships be teachin us, we talk about teamwork and the mighty rightful fear a da unknown!

The game o the week be to replace a dog on the analyst panel with a champion and then ya best be explainin' yerself to us at

Like a parrot ya can tweet us at @EatGamer@LowEloDave and @ctfelts.

We'd also like ye to show thanks to our gracious sponsor Audible by visiting and downloadin' ye free audio books. Get to it! Free booty is the best kinna booty!

This week the musical talent be provided by FIGURATIVE THEATRE an' there whimsy song MAMMATUS OBLACI.

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