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Low Elo Podcast EP. 87 - A Pirate's Life


YO HO! On this here episode of Low Elo, the League of Legends podcast for the pirate we drift here and der as we look at the lesser realized lessons the World Championships be teachin us, we talk about teamwork and the mighty rightful fear a da unknown!

The game o the week be to replace a dog on the analyst panel with a champion and then ya best be explainin' yerself to us at

Like a parrot ya can tweet us at @EatGamer@LowEloDave and @ctfelts.

We'd also like ye to show thanks to our gracious sponsor Audible by visiting and downloadin' ye free audio books. Get to it! Free booty is the best kinna booty!

This week the musical talent be provided by FIGURATIVE THEATRE an' there whimsy song MAMMATUS OBLACI.

Download Low Elo Episode 87


Low Elo Podcast EP. 54 - Punching Is Cool

Episode 54 of Low Elo is here! A year ago this week we released our first episode and who could ever have predicted we'd be where we are today?

This week, CLG can't help but make headlines, Vi gets the once over and we ask why the question why is such a bad question.

This week we ask you for your League of Legends New Year's resolutions. Send them to

You can follow the hosts at @EatGamer @LowEloDave @ctf1990 and @ThatDarkskeGuy.

This week's music is In Fielder by Miro Belle.

Download Low Elo Episode 54


Low Elo Podcast EP. 53 - Get Your Phreak On

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the League.

Not a player was raging, not even in threes.

The forums were filled with wishes so dear.

In hopes that new nerfs soon would be here.

When from the speakers there was a loud ring.

Who could that be? A new call incoming?

Back to our screens we flashed like a spell.

Opened up Skype and what it did tell.

And what to our wondering ears he did say.

Was "let's record tonight and release christmas day".

The caller was familiar and of League he could speak.

Please welcome our guest David Turley. You know him as Phreak.

So we hope you'll enjoy, our 53rd.

We think it's the best that we've ever heard.

And from all of us at Low Elo we thank you for the year.

We appreciate your support. We'll keep the message clear.

And on that bombshell, we delivered our closers.

We said goodnight, thanks for listening and stay classy, Summoners.

Download Low Elo Episode 53