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Low Elo EXTRA! EP. 14 - I Just Played Jax

Welcome to the Jax Show, an all access pass to the most powerful champion in the League of Legends. In this episode I, the Jax Master Christian AKA Allyourbase123 himself, will guide you through how to build, buy and bully your way to ultimate League of Legends superiority. This episode is all about fixing problems with the proper application of Jax.

Special thank to and @WoahJoe for being total badasses and letting us use their track "I Just Played Jax" in the show. Show them some wussbag love (once their web server recovers from the flood of bandwidth they're experiencing).

Oh, also, there's some explicit language in this episode at the end. Hey now, it's not like we ever used a clean tag, right?

Download Low Elo Episode 14

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I'm level 24 in the game now. I've played tons of games. Different styles of games. Why have I NOT seen Viktor? Does anyone play him or own him? Is he the worst hero in the game? I saw Evelyn before him, lol. I saw his Champion Spotilight and he looks ok, what's wrong with him?

April 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThatTeamHero

Viktor is fun but not competitive. He's held back by an underwhelming passive that actually hurts his itemization and it's as though his abilities are specifically built to prevent him from trading in lane so every other AP and ranged AD in the game has an advantage on him which means..... easy to counter. This is the first champion to have Riot talking about a remake a mere month after he came out. Expect his passive to change before summer.

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