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Low Elo Podcast EP. 16 - Always Right

The Low Elo League of Legends crew is always right. Remember that. The proof is in the latest major eSports event for LoL in which weeks worth of predictions came true. Olaf with boots. First pick Janna support. Shen OP. Udyr eternally banworthy. Entire teams built around Kogmaw. Yup. We talk about how awesome we are and about IPL4's winning team, TSM and the impressive performance of Mono eSports. We talk about the strategies that put teams ahead, teams behind and teams on the podium. We also bash Mundo for a while.

Our game this week is all about keeping your job. Send us your answers at, and and don't forget to stop by and say hi in the Low Elo chat room in game.

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At first I was thinking Officer Caitlyn should sub in for me at work, but that would be a horrible idea. I work for the Border Patrol and my terrain has extreme sand, wind, and heat. I don't think her uniform is up to par for those circumstances. So instead, I would have to go with K-9 Nasus. I think he is tough enough to catch all the Mafia Champions and sniff out all the drugs people try to hide from me. Nasus would be a great sniff tracker (second best to Warwick) and his ability to deal with sandy conditions would make him suited for my job.

April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThatTeamHero

You really are mentioning every time, that you hate Wukong, pretty amusing. :) I also hate Udyr, but he also is damn difficult to play ( or i'm just bad lol ).

As for Mundo Jungle, still ain't a fan of it, i want TheOddOne, whose stream i apparently as well watch a lot, to play more junglers like Fiora, Maokai, or maybe even Fiddlesticks. Would be great if Mundo starts geting banned all the time in the competitive scene lol.

As for the game, i am a trainee computer scientist, and since i'm still in the first year, there isn't much to do for me as the basic knowledge is missing. Therefore my place could just be taken care of by a Shaco or Leblanc Copy, while these guys could hang out in the town, lol.

But if i would have to do some work, i would probably say Master Yi, Sion or Warwick, simpley because Master Yi and Sion would write hilariously fast with their ults on and Warwick would use his shout, even though it seems pretty fun to imagine a Warwick hammering around on a keyboard and his big paws would probably press more buttons than he wants to and in the end he wrote some strange things xD

Best Regards^^

April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEvenus

Awesome. I never thought of using Warwick's W as a way to improve efficiency!

April 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterJeff Wycoff (@EatGamer)

Mundo jungle is not even about the clear time, and 40% slow for 2 secs on a 4 sec cd is nothing to laugh at, and besides Mundo is so freaking Tanky he can just walk up to the carries During team fights and his 2nd ability will burn them they will ether back out or die...besides Mundo jungle will bring exhaust and smite instead of an escape tool.

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNocturne143

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