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Low Elo Podcast EP. 37 - Magic Sausage

This week on Low Elo we break down some PAX highlights the least of which is deffinitely not us bragging about how well Jayce performed.

We also cover some highlights from the Q&A pannel with Riot Games, some stats to give you an insight on what the pros see as the most powerful champions in the league and then we break down the infamous "Poke Comp".

Our game this week is all about coming up with a League of Legends mascot!

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Download Low Elo Episode 37


Low Elo Podcast EP. 29 - Pulsefire Podcast

This is Low ELo 29, the pulsefire podcast. This week is all about Jayce, interface improvements, changes to global ultimates and the impending stealth rework. We even take some time to talk about the west's involvement of korean eSports.

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The Champions

Jayce Patch Notes

Stealth Rework

Download Low Elo Episode 29