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Low Elo Podcast EP. 96 - Long Live Support

It's episode 96 of Low Elo, the League of Legends podcast, and we welcome fellow podcaster and international pop sensation Eric Belsaas to the show as our third seat to discuss the evolving pre-season support game, vision and Miley Cyrus.

This week we have issued the Mundo Challenge! You have until December 28th to send us a screenshot at the 10 minute mark of your best score playing Mundo vs any number of bots. No friendly bots allowed and the highest number of kills wins another mystery prize! Send your entries and other holiday email to

You can catch the hosts on twitter as EatGamerLowEloDave and belsaas.

This episode's soundtrack is Poet by HASH.

Download Low Elo Episode 96


Low Elo Podcast EP. 95 - Support Is Dead

On Low Elo 95, Dave and Jeff talk about the state of the support game in the current version. With so many changes recently, it's hard to ignore the effects but it's also easy to believe that more changes are on the way. The only thing that stays the same is that nother ever stays the same.

This week, we ask you which champion would make the best mall Santa replacement and what you'd ask them for while on their lap (you know, before the picture).  Send your game submissions, holiday email, promotions and around the world updates to

Again, please give a visit to our sponsor at and download your free audio book - we love the service and wouldn't recommend it if we didn't use it ourselves!

You can catch the hosts on twitter as EatGamer and LowEloDave.

This episode's soundtrack is The Last of the Last by Mário Gajarský.

Download Low Elo Episode 95


Low Elo Podcast EP. 51 - Ghost of Reggae Past

This week at Low Elo, our full house continues impressions and guidance for the pre-season as we explore season 3 item and mastery changes (we haven't even touched on the subtle changes to the map yet!). We also give our impressions of Nami and encourage you to innovate.

This week's queue tip is for Nocturn, a champion that all bets indicate will be a major player in season 3.

As always, send your queue tips and other email to

You can reach out to the hosts this week at @EatGamer @LowEloDave@ctf1990, @RintheYordle and@ThatDarkskeGuy.

This week's music is 4everysmiley by Infinite Livez.

Download Low Elo Episode 51


Low Elo Podcast EP. 12 - Made of Murder

 Lulu is made of murder. Trust us. Listen, play her, email us your experiences and come back next week so we can talk about how amazing this new and innovative support fresh out of Riot's offices performs. We also discuss the new item, Maw of Malmortius and what it could potentially mean for the meta game. We also talk about our attempts to break the meta M5 style over the last week with support in the jungle. Here's a hint - it's SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Download, listen, write us back and don't forget to say hey on the NA servers in our LowElo chat room.

Download Low Elo Episode 12